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My key focus is working with mothers who ready to Love themselves as much as they love their children.

support for moms

Their child might also need special care and attention for different reasons..

My clients are all living hectic and unpredictable lives and often feel stressed out by their daily demands, responsibilities and the many roles they need to play. Being a mom requires so much juggling, flexibility, creativity and selflessness that it is natural to feel overwhelmed and off balance at times. It is no wonder moms need support. Support for mothers and life coaching specifically for mothers is my specialty.

Many mothers struggle to find the balance between being a super-mom and nurturing themselves. This leads many moms wondering how to be happier in life. The moms I like to work with often don’t think of themselves as needing ‘help’. They are usually well educated; are smart, talented and creative; they may work full time, part-time or not at all; most of them are married and have a partner who is a source of support, financial or otherwise. They recognize that there is something greater than themselves – call it God, the Universe, the Spirit, or whatever it is that is that connects us all to each other – and they consider motherhood as being a spiritual journey and lifestyle coaching can help. They love and nurture their children, but have forgotten what it is that makes their own selves happy. Find happiness in your life again with life coaching and support.

You have decided to get help because you are longing to connect again with the place in your heart that lights you up, makes you feel alive and gives a deeper meaning to your life.

Maybe some of these scenarios will sound familiar to you:

  • You don’t know how to enjoy yourself anymore, how to stop the ‘busyness’ and just be; how to relax. You hardly remember how that feels .You used to be so playful, creative and adventurous.
  • You are often tired, disconnected from yourself, not in touch with your body. You often say to yourself: What do I actually feel and what are my dreams? It is time to nurture myself more and feel like ME again.
  • Your physical well-being has taken a backseat to the care and nurturing of your child. You have put on 20 pounds in weight or developed a health issue. You often feel drained, get impatient easily and just don’t feel good about yourself.
  • You want to be all things to all people at all times. You say ‘yes’ too often, and ‘no’ not enough and feel overwhelmed and exhausted – sometimes even obligated and resentful.
  • You are longing for some solitude and inner peace – you cannot even remember when you last spent some time alone. You want to learn how to nurture your whole being – your body, mind and spirit.
  • You are playing super-mom, being there for the family all the time – but you know you cannot do it forever. Your needs often end up last on the ‘to-do’ list. Something has to change; you can’t do it any longer!
  • Your life looks good on the outside but you feel depleted inside and nothing seems to make you happy or fulfilled. You have lost sight of yourself amongst all the good intentions of being a perfect mom.

Working with me you will most likely be successful if:

  • you choose to be in the driver’s seat and take control of your life
  • you are committed to your well-being and yearn to wake-up in the morning energized and excited about your day
  • you want to find your authentic voice, your own unique expression and are ready to take action
  • you are eager to learn and try new things
  • you want to thrive and won’t settle for being less than who you really are
We probably would NOT be a good fit if:
  • you are afraid to be happy from the inside out
  • you would rather believe in your fears than in your greatness
  • you believe that caring for yourself is selfish and makes you a bad mother
  • you are not ready to change and you do not believe in your magnificence

If you are a woman who has the courage to live ‘outside the box’, who takes action, and who believes that you can have a happy and fulfilling life – this work is for YOU.

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In my coaching sessions with Sabrina I often start with being overwhelmed and stressed out and finish with such clarity and vitality. I am inspired by her creativity and boldness, integrating the wisdom of the heart and body, which encourages me to do the same.
Daisy Kelly

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