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Sabrina Werkmeister, expressive artist, enthusiastic Self-Care Expert, Life Coach, and the founder of Happy Moms Coaching.

Sabrina Werkmeister Self-Care Expert and Life Coach

My mission is to empower and inspire women to become the Shining Star they are meant to be – able to express their deepest love and joy and thrive in their own unique way. I want you to learn how to be happier in life and provide the support you desire.

Being a mother myself I believe that every woman who becomes a mother has something to heal in her heart, especially when her child is different to everybody else’s.

I have learned to flow with change due to circumstances I would not have chosen, to accept and embrace them, rather than rejecting or fighting against them.

Despite one’s circumstances, I believe that the impossible is possible when you have support, commitment and a powerful vision.

I have worked with many women, many mothers. The moment that they decided to really do things differently and to follow through with that decision, enormous changes started to happen.

If you want to find out more about me, you can follow me on Twitter, Facebook or send me an email. I would love to get to know you.

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His love has whispered secrets in your ear that don’t make sense to anyone else. You know who you are. You are the Shining Star. Rumi

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Sabrina Werkmeister
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