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Included in the Toolkit is:

  • ‘Time-out for overwhelmed Moms’ (a 7 part e-course) 7 keys for making Self-Care a priority – even if you are too busy or don't know where to begin
  • 6 essential Self-Care tips for busy moms

You will find out what your needs are, what gives you joy and how to create time and space for yourself to make it happen. After each lesson you get to take some steps and implement what you have learnt into your unique life.

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This e-course is a gem! From turning down the volume on ‘mind chatter’ to breaking free of the prison of perfectionism to creating fun play dates for yourself, the information and practices that Sabrina shares will inspire new levels of vitality and joy for even the busiest of moms.
Kathy Mallary, mom and entrepreneur

Free Self-Renewal Tool Kit

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