Trauma Touch Therapy™

a body centered approach to trauma care

Feeling and healing through touch
Reclaim your innocence and aliveness
Return to your senses
Learn to reconnect with your body

Trauma Touch Therapy™ creates safe space to:

  • breathe
  • slow down
  • stay present
  • communicate with the body
  • explore safe touch
  • learn to let discomfort lead the way out
  • encourage client directed process and integration
  • experiment with joy and pleasure

Some of the benefits of Trauma Touch Therapy™ are:

  • increases body awareness and sensations
  • increases feelings of aliveness
  • teaches a sense of healthy boundaries
  • increases ability to accept touch
  • decreases physical pain
  • decreases physical symptoms
  • improves sleeping patterns
  • increases ability to take in nourishment
  • decreases addictive behaviours
  • increases self esteem
  • increases quality of relationships
  • allows renewed sense of trust and safety
  • improves ability to relax
  • increase ability to ‘feel’ feelings
  • enhances ability to experience pleasure
  • increases awareness of dissociative behaviour and more
  • reinforces psychotherapy

Trauma Touch Therapy™ is not meant to be a singular approach to recovery, but it enhances and supports the psychotherapeutic process. It does not include counselling, advising or diagnosing.

What is Trauma?

Any event can be traumatic - when too much comes at you so fast that it overwhelms your usual capacity to cope.

Trauma is the result of triggering the “ fight or flight “ response, whether due to actual or perceived danger, without the ability to act upon that response, so we become stuck in the traumatic event. The body then becomes the seat of the trauma. Wrapped up within the musculature, tendons, ligaments, connective tissues and bones are deep psychological and physical scars of our lives.

To protect yourself, you may have learned to stop feeling emotionally and even to stop remembering, so you might not even know what you feel. Your body remembers. Gentle, safe, aware and focused touch can bring feelings and sometimes memories into your awareness where you can begin to heal them.

What might traumatize people?
  • physical abuse / sexual abuse
  • mental / emotional abuse
  • death of loved ones
  • experiencing or witnessing violence
  • childhood trauma
  • auto accidents
  • physical injury
  • environmental trauma
  • surgery trauma
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • intense care giving - like of a child with special needs, an elderly or sick person
What is Trauma Touch Therapy™?

Trauma Touch Therapy™ is a body-centered approach to Trauma Care which enables you to get in touch with your feelings. It allows the body to express those feelings in a way that it may not have been able to when the trauma occurred.

It is a somatic based process designed to empower you to regain body awareness, create and keep healthy boundaries, build safe and trusting relationships, and facilitate deeper levels of communication.

It is a safe approach to personal integration with the intent being not to minimize the trauma, but rather to accept the experience as a learning one and to integrate it to discover the gift within its lesson.

In the session you will have the opportunity to discover the power of conscious touch by honouring your body’s wisdom, so you can reconnect with your body and emotions and heal.

"It is not about the therapist ‘doing’ something ‘to’ the client. It is about the therapist ‘being’ with the person’s body in a loving manner, supporting, nurturing and respecting his very essence."

The work is done on a very individual basis during which you set the pace and has moment to moment choice as to how the session proceeds.

Many sessions may be focused on developing trust, safety and intimacy and can always be done with the client fully clothed.

Breath work, movement and other holistic modalities are also important aspects of Trauma Touch Therapy™.

Sessions usually take 1 hour
Investment: $ 65
(series of 5 sessions is recommended)

Trauma Touch Therapy™ is not meant to be a singular approach to recovery, but it enhances and supports the psychotherapeutic process. It does not include counselling, advising or diagnosing.

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Trauma Touch Therapy™
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